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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going on a Cruise Saturday! WooHoo! Last Minute Decisions are the Bomb!

Anyone who knows me knows that I live to travel - I feel like life is what happens on a vacation, and the rest of the time we're just planning our next one! 

So, Mike & I had gotten into the habit of taking a cruise together for our Jan. 22 anniversary, thanks to my wonderful parents who agree to keep the boys for us.  Well, guess what?  This year they're all coming with us........dead silence..........just kidding!  We're all gonna have a blast. 

The 4 of us have been cruise junkies for about 6 years, and we've been going on 1 or 2 per year.  We're always on-line looking for the best deals at the times we can travel.  So, usually it's the last-minute "We'd be crazy not to go!" deals that get us fired up & Force us to go.  :)  My parents took us on our first cruise, and then they never got around to going again - there was always something else they wanted to do, and Daddy was still in the mind-set that he wanted to BE there, not spend the trip GETTING there. And he's totally into road trips now, because air travel is not what it used to be.  But he decided in October to take Mommy on a cruise out of Galveston for their anniversary & her birthday, and BAM! He's a cruise addict now!  He has spent the past 2 months scouring the world wide web for the best deal ASAP.

Well, at the last minute last night, right before the travel agency closed for the night, we finally decided on the Norwegian Epic out of Miami, 7 nights, goes to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Nassau.  The price suddenly dropped, because it leaves this Saturday, so we grabbed it.  WooHoo!  The kids are psyched about the waterslides and the size of the ship.  I'm psyched about the ports.  Mike is excited about the balcony cabin, and my parents can't wait to start eating!  :)

The only thing that might be a bummer is if the flights to Miami fill up, and we have to jump in the van & drive all the way to Miami. Yuck!  But we'll do it - we gotta do it, because the trip is paid for - Hello!  I've got so much to do between now & then it's crazy, but we're excited & it's going to be a great trip.  Like Mike said, it's getting more difficult to spend time with the kids. They're so busy with sports & friends, it's harder to take them places, take them out of school, and to spend time as a family.  So this will be awesome I'm sure!  I can't wait!  Saturday, here we come! 

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