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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Ring is Super Cool! Uber Cool!

Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver)

From donmoti
Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver)
Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver) Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver) Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver) Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver) Venus Fly Trap Ring (Sterling Silver)
Depicted is a silver Venus Fly Trap. The Venus Fly Trap plant in nature lures and captures insects, causing death and demise.

Yet in the case of this ring, the Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap has done the opposite giving birth to the seductive mythological goddess Venus, marking the "birth of venus"

Round tube ring band, which together with the exterior of the Sundew is finished off with a mirror polish, whilst the mouth of the Sundew is oxidised to exphasise the form of venus.

Hallmarked: MARC BARER, 925

Ring size: Available in any size, simply specify after purchase.

I can also make the ring in a variety of bronze's or brass, to make it cheaper, again contact me if you would like this option.

Alot of work went into this thing! Love it or Hate it?

Skull and Cross Bones

Skull and Cross Bones
Skull and Cross Bones Skull and Cross Bones Skull and Cross Bones Skull and Cross Bones Skull and Cross Bones
Skull 4" tall x 3" wide carved from deer skull. Teeth carved from deer antler. Cross bones 3.5" each from deer bones. Base made from two deer antlers 6.5" tall which can be separated from the skull. Entire piece approx 10" tall

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Because I'm From Texas Doesn't Mean I Like Country Music

Ugh....a country western finale for American Idol. A first and a new low.  Wake me when The X Factor debuts.........

Lauren has no personality, and Scotty is a one-trick pony.  I understand...yes, they're just kids, but give me a break! 

The only reason I'll watch the finale is to hoot and holler as the producers drag out more fossilized guests the contestants have never even heard of for the obligatory finale duet performances.  It's hilarious to watch the finalists pretend to be excited to sing songs twice their age with artists they can't relate to and don't give a fig about.

And the audience, don't even get me much Red Bull do they give those 12 year olds to get them hyped up enough to act like they care?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

There Is No Gravity - The World Sucks

Zippo Lighters From the Vietnam War

So often when we think of Zippo lighters, visions of Don Draper dance in our heads. The mid-century modern era, replete with highball glasses and boomerang tables, wouldn't be the same without them. That's why it's jarring to consider the Zippo in another context: one in which it serves as a morbid reminder of the ephemeral nature of life on earth.

A lighter was one of the few possessions and connections to life back home that a soldier could carry into battle. In the uncharted jungles of Vietnam where soldiers had little understanding of the culture, language or terrain, a lighter engraved with a personal phrase or motto served as a mental touchstone to a distant but familiar life. "Many were like tattoos not worn on the body, but carried in a pocket," writes Jon Patrick of The Selvedge Yard. "It was a way for the soldiers to express who they were, and how they felt."
[Ed. note: Some of the lighters featured in the original article on The Selvage Yard contain profane language. Please click through at your own discretion.]

Photo by mEyegallery on Flickr

The deeply personal and dark phrases engraved on Vietnam-era Zippos are even more haunting today, entwining an emotional point in history with a now iconic design. For Jon Patrick, this connection between war and a fire-producing object is profound: "There is something mythical, primal and powerful about fire that has always captured a man's soul — whether it's a lighter, a campfire, or waging a war."


Why do I keep watching this steaming pile of dog poop masquerading as a talent competition?

Every season I tell myself and everyone I know that I will Not watch, because it's so obviously scripted and rigged, and every season I go back on my word and can't resist holding on to that small grain of hope that someone talented might actually win for the 1st time in How Many Seasons?

And every season I'm pissed off and aggravated.

It's so obvious the producers won't allow a real talent to win, because they know people like Adam Lambert and James Durbin will sell concert tickets and be stars no matter what. 
It's the ho-hum, make me want to slip into a coma people like Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, and this season's Jacob, Lauren, Scotty, and Haley they have to shove down our throats, because they must convince the teeny-boppers to Buy Now on Itunes! and Get Your Idol on Tour tickets Now!

This season made me want to throw everything in my living room at the TV, because the so-called judges refuse to tell "contestants" the truth - that they Suck raw meat! 
It's been a giant love fest so sickeningly sweet and self-congratulatory it makes me want to puke!

Where's Simon when we need him??  Oh, yeah, he's off creating an interesting show..... sigh....