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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I want RYAN to be the new Bachelor! Sob!

I was so heart-broken last night when Ashley (stupid girl!) let Ryan go on The Bachelorette!  She didn't even give him 1/2 a chance.  He never got a 1 on 1 until last night, and then she didn't even keep him until evening and give him time.  She interrupted him in mid-sentence to say "Ya know, I'm not feeling it". 
He was stunned and sad, to say the least.  He couldn't finish a sentence when they were trying to do the post-interview.  I wanted to reach into the TV screen and hug him.  Mom & I were yelling, "Make him the new Bachelor!" and I hope others were feeling the same way.

I don't understand why all the guys in the house disliked Ryan so much.  Is it annoying to be happy and optimistic?  Well, then I guess I must get on a few people's nerves, because that's how I try to be.  Who wants to be a lifeless dud who never shows emotions and never tries to look on the bright side?  Not me.

I hope the producers like Ryan as much as we do and invite him back.  He's intelligent, passionate about his job and environment, fun and loving....the perfect Bachelor!  You Go, Ryan!  So what if Ashley didn't appreciate you.  There are plenty of smarter fish in the sea - fish that don't cry and say "I don't know" all the time.  Talk about annoying...

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