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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Etsy Sellers' Handbook for Selling

The Etsy Seller Handbook: All Our How-To's About Selling

Sellers! Want to get the most out of Etsy?  Make sure you’ve signed up for the Etsy Success newsletter, join us over on the Etsy Success Team and check out upcoming live workshops. Below you’ll find a handy index of all the useful how-to’s about selling on Etsy. We’re calling it the Seller Handbook, and we first posted it on The Storque in September of 2007. We continue to add new how-to’s for sellers to this index and bump up the post when we do. In this way it’s a living document. You can also search the Storque tags for “Seller Handbook” for a chronological list of all our published how-to’s related to Selling. Your Shop 101: How-To’s for Getting Started on Etsy Start with this one: Etsy Success for Beginner Sellers! Please also see the Setting Up Shop Help Guide, Selling Dos and Don’ts, Selling FAQs, Listing an Item Help Guide, Etsy Guide to SEO.

Image by worksofwhimsy
Product Design
Image by Artsy

Etsy International
Custom/Reserved Listings
Image by moxiethrift
Image by missplum
Advertising Please also see the Showcase Help Guide.
Image by Earmark
Small Business and Pricing
Image by NewDuds
Promoting & Marketing
Image by DancingMooney
Craft Shows & Events

Image by photohale
Gallery Go-getter Series (Fine Art & Studio Craft)

Image by MonkiVintage
Social Networking, Blogging, Podcasts & Video
Image by growbots
Handmade Code (Third Party Applications from the Etsy Developer Community)
Image by houseofharriet Legal Info for Artists
Image by jessgonacha
Image by Anda
Team Tips Handbook See all the how-to’s relating to Teams, groups of sellers who self-organize by location, craft, or interest. Here’s a great place to start:

Image by iheartmoustaches
All about Etsy & Site Features

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