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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Gift Ideas from Etsy Sellers

Gift Guide for the Broken Ones

List of demands: that growing up be slightly less awful, that a life be constructed of more than disappointment. These are gifts for the hopelessly angry, for the malcontent, for hearts with bills to pay – they are weak salves for our sorrow, and not even funny. They’re not enough, I know.

There’s a moment we’ve lost, historians say, when we turned away from thinking things could be improved through action and art and instead began to rely on psychic realignment — as though what’s making us unhappy is ourselves, and not the failing structures of this vicious unrelenting world.
For you’re the reason I don’t torch things to the ground and don’t lie in an empty bathtub for hours and try to lift the sorrow from my skin. You make things worth fixing.
So here are some things to use as you dismantle this morning, and the next, even if I don’t know what comes after, or if it will be any better, or if our hearts break because of the world we live in, or because they are our hearts.
Su Wu of I'm Revolting continues to compile a list of the things, places and misinterpreted philosophies that somehow manage to coalesce into a well-lived life. These narrative-driven collections will find you stealing out of your alternate personas' closets.

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