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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a Great Idea - Resolve To Do What You Want to Do this Year!

Hold Those Resolutions!

It has only been in the past few years that making any New Year’s resolutions made sense to me. Postponing change to some arbitrary deadline like January 1st or graduation makes the commitment to change seem less serious than proclaiming, “Okay, I am making it happen now!” Resolutions always seemed to be about doing something I really did not want to do. Consequently, I refused to make any New Year’s resolutions for most of my life. Three years ago I decided to look at them from another point of view —what do I enjoy that I do not do often enough? Thinking about it that way I came up with two that I have renewed yearly plus one knitting resolution that has not gone quite so well.
Out with the trusty standbys — diets, exercise, cutting the dogs’ nails. Make those changes throughout the year.
Hear more live music. Enjoy local musicians and visiting artists. Attend a school concert and pause to listen to a street busker.
Spend time with friends. Share a meal, take a trip or just give a call. Make contact with friends from long ago. Do not let daily life and routines interfere with making time for those you enjoy or want to know better.
2010 — knit a pair of argyle socks. 2011 — finish one argyle sock. 2012 — unravel the half finished sock. It turned out to be hard to admit I will never make that particular pair of socks.
What are your resolutions this year?

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