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Monday, January 23, 2012

Love these Great Decorating Ideas and Items!

Get the Look Decor: Boudoirs of Yore

Get the Look isn’t just about real homes; it can also be pure fantasy. This week, guest writer Gabriella Cetrulo imagines where ladies of yesteryear have rested their heads.
Whenever I visit my parents’ house, I feel as though I’m transported to another century. The halls are painted in deep, muted tones of burgundy and olive. Every room is filled with elaborate patterns and turn-of-the-century antiques. It makes me wonder if my mom could have been Queen Victoria in a past life.
As I enter my old bedroom, associations with Marie Antoinette wash over me: the walls are a pastel pink, the floor is covered with an antique floral rug, and the furniture is a pale yellow with golden accents. In fact, my friends have asked me if an arsenal of tiaras and chandeliers is hiding inside my closet. (The answer is yes.)
Being in a home so influenced by women of centuries gone got me to thinking: what if I could create bedrooms inspired by iconic women from the past? What would they look like?

The Queen of France

France’s former queen Marie Antoinette was not the most admired monarch, but her influence on art and design is undeniable. She represented decadence, femininity and style, and these qualities were reflected in her surroundings.  Rococo elements like pastel colors, floral patterns, and gilded accents would cover her walls.

The Queen of the Nile

Cleopatra claimed to be the reincarnation of a goddess; the woman clearly had confidence. I imagine her bedroom as an earthy space with bold, geometric patterns. The color scheme would include warm muted tones, gold, and rich black accents.

The Lady With the Lamp

Nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale was a woman of self-sacrifice. Her bedroom would be simple and utilitarian, with plain industrial furnishings and clean white linen sheets.

The Maid of Orleans

Joan of Arc was born a French peasant, but she died a saint. I imagine her in a fit of spiritual visions in a dark and dramatic room populated by wooden Gothic-style furniture and Catholic iconography. Dark wood and heavy iron are suited for this national heroine.

The Artist

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who eventually became known for her surreal self-portraiture and fiery personality. I envision her bold painting style permeating her walls with splashes of audacious color and nature-inspired imagery.

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Gabriella Cetrulo is a freelance illustrator with a BFA in illustration from Parsons the New School for Design. She is also the shop owner of vintage oasis Tomorrow Is Forever. She is in the process of opening a second online shop featuring her illustration work.

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