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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why's Everyone Hating on Steven Tyler??

What's up with all the haters of Steven Tyler's National Anthem performance?  I don't get it.  Number one, I thought he rocked!  Number two, that's obviously the sound they were going for when they asked a rocker to perform the anthem.  They didn't hire a Broadway or Opera singer - they asked Steven F'ing Tyler to perform it & they got what they asked for - a Kick Ass All-American rocking rendition of the anthem, heart-felt and respectful to boot.  Ok, so he messed up a couple of words, but who the heck cares?  I would need a teleprompter to sing it (if I could even sing!)  So let's give the dude some props.  To the haters I say, "Get off the man's case - He's a Legend & he totally killed it, in a good way!"

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