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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ahh...High School....Can't believe it was that long ago!

Parachute pants, Vans, Flourescent colored clothing, Flashdance, Leg Warmers, Shoulder Pads, Dynasty and Dallas, always late for curfew, Fake IDs....Good times.....

Storyboard: High School

I’ll always say “yes” when you want to get slurpees. I don’t have a fake note to get off campus, or a car, but you’ve got both, and I can hide in your trunk, waiting in the dark until we’re safely around the corner for another glimpse of your backlit face.
The eggs we’ll keep in our pockets, ready to launch. They’ll splatter beneath us when we dive in the bushes. The lard we’ll smear on his windshield, for breaking your heart. And after city curfew, when we can’t drive around aimlessly anymore, we’ll park by the levee and tilt the seats back, staring at the silhouettes of live oaks and power lines in the pink suburban sky, eating sour sugar until our tongues get raw.
When the thrift stores and coffee shops close, we’ll go to the big-box store, the last place open. We’ll clear an aisle and replace it with things we like: propane lamps, disposable cameras, bags of plastic dinosaurs and knee-high socks. We’ll leave with safety pins and tempera paint, to make banners for the club we’re starting.
Let’s drive far away from here, away from small-town bigotry and rules to prepare us for being employable, away from being too young to write good poetry, away from this guilty, secret wish to be really, really pretty. We’ll make a promise to be awesome old people. We’ll promise to hold each other to it.
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