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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bruno on Dancing with the Stars Sucks!

I can't believe Bruno didn't have the balls to apologize for the multitude of hurtful insults he's hurled all season at Chaz Bono, who's taken it like a true gentleman.
If it had been me, I would have told that little freak to go F*** himself a long time ago.
Chaz worked his butt off and put himself out there every week, and Bruno couldn't give him an ounce of respect for some stupid reason.
The judges play favorites every season & give ridiculously high scores to the uncoordinated and forgetful.  The least they could have done was send Chaz out with a respectable score that reflected the improvement shown each week.
I agree with Macks. Maybe it's time for some (if not all) of them to get out of the business. Maybe the thrill is gone, maybe they don't like being reminded that the show isn't about them. It's about the stars, the celebrity stars and the professional dancing stars.
Insulting overweight people for sport is the lowest form of entertainment and shows a complete lack of class.

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