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Friday, April 6, 2012

Clueless Fashion - I love that movie & yes, they wore some cute clothes :)

Clueless Fashion

Okay, so junior high is a hard place for most people.  You’re surrounded by your peers as your body starts doing strange things, and all you want to do is fade into your surroundings so that no one sees your new acne. My main concern was keeping boys from noticing that I somehow managed to be the only flat-chested girl in the 7th grade. But that was a pretty tall order when something even bigger than my rival’s newfound popularity rolled into my life: the 1995 comedy classic, Clueless.
Until then, I knew nothing about the world of patent leather miniskirts and miniature backpacks, but from the moment I heard my new hero utter the famous words “as if,” my wardrobe (and my life) changed forever. From that day on (well, technically until 9thgrade), I refused to wear anything but Mary Janes and cropped tops. (Luckily, I was blessed with an open-minded and fashion-forward mother.)
Since then, I’ve patiently awaited the day when the ’90s would return and I could wear my miniature backpacks again. That day has come. This week, I made it my mission to seek out and reinvent Clueless style.


Cher was the preppiest of her crew, wearing a white collared shirt, mini-backpack, and a pair of Mary Janes.

Date Cher: “Looks like we’re gonna have to make a cameo at the Val party.”

Whether Cher was going out on a date or to the nearest Valley party with her BFF’s, she always kept it simple with a short body-con dress and a sheer top.

Tai: “Ugh. Skateboards. That’s like so five years ago.”

When Tai arrived at her new school in Beverly Hills, she donned the grunge trends of the ’90s — flannel tops and lots of denim. I think she had great style despite Cher’s claim that Tai was “clueless.”

Dee: “Been shopping with Dr. Suess?”

When it came to style, Dee was definitely the boldest of her friends. I remember her for her wild prints, bright colors, cropped tops and over-the-top hats.
Whatever – I’m outie!
Gabriella Cetrulo is a freelance illustrator with a BFA in illustration from Parsons the New School for Design. She is also the shop owner of vintage oasis Tomorrow Is Forever. She is in the process of opening a second online shop featuring her illustration work.

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