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Monday, April 23, 2012

Damn that Crawfish Festival! But it Had to be Done!

Houston, we have a problem....and it's called the Old Town Spring Crawfish Festival!  I'm not all the way back to square 1 with my health issues, but it ain't good right now.  I knew I couldn't go to that darn festival and behave self control!  It started with the Wimberley Valley Winery sweet red and ended with the Black Iguana peach flavored frozen margaritas that you wear around your neck....OMG!  They were so good, but my insides are rebelling from the sugar, and I've got to get serious about killing the candida some more.  Why is there always a price to pay for fun?!  It's So Not fair!  But it was fun.  I was feeling much better and was almost completely pain free, and now I'm definitely feeling some abdominal aches and pains.  So it's back on the wagon for me.......for now.........sigh.

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