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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 2 - went shopping and have started detoxing!

Gave up tired............

Sigh...Still feeling crappy, but after doing more research, I believe it was not only my poor diet of way too many bad carbs, too much processed food, and not enough water, but I had recently started eating a protein bar in the morning which contains sugar alcohols.  Those are supposed to be terrible for those suffering from candida overgrowth.  So, no more of those for me.

I made a trip to Whole Foods for the ingredients of the detox / purge drink that will cleanse my intestines and allow the healthy bacteria to take over again after the candida dies off.  I will start the psyllium, bentonite clay and caprylic acid today. I've also started taking milk thistle, and vitamins C and B5 in addition to the probiotic I was already taking.

Learning what foods I can and can't eat will take time.  It looks like I can munch down on most non-starchy veggies, meat, fish and eggs (organic if possible), some nuts and nut butters, some beans and peas, certain good fats/oils (no margarine or shortening), avocado, lemon/lime, and stevia/yacon/Inulin/xylitol as sweeteners.

No white foods for me...that means no sugar, white pasta/bread/flour, no starchy veggies, no fruit for now or juices, no soda or coffee or black/green tea, no booze, no processed or cured meats, no peanuts, roasted/salted nuts, no pistachios/pecans/walnuts/cashews, no peanut butter, no wheat cous cous, bulgar, semolina wheat or durham wheat, no caffeine, yeast, condiments, milk, butter, cream, cow yogurt or kefir, no ice cream or sour cream, whipped cream or cow cheeses, and no white vinegar.

I switched to almond and flax milk, bought a couple of good teas to replace my coffee, and am going through sugar withdrawal as I write this!  I know it'll get better in a couple of days, and my candida symptoms should improve in a few weeks or so.  That will such a relief and well worth it, because this pain and illness is for the birds.

It sucks that it took illness to get me to eat better and take care of myself, but Oh, well.  Better late than never.

Today I ate scrambled eggs and tea for breakfast.  I had chicken breast and greek yogurt dip for Lunch.  I will do the detox drink on an empty stomach this afternoon.  I don't know what I'll do for dinner, since hubby mentioned Chinese food.  That won't work for me, because of the hidden sugars and MSG in sauces.  Maybe I can find a steamed veggie/meat, chop suey to eat.


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