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Thursday, December 16, 2010

All my Etsy Orders have started Arriving - WooHoo!

Like I posted earlier, I've done a LOT of my Christmas shopping this year on, and I'm thrilled with the items I've received so far. Unlike auction sites, stores, etc...Etsy sellers go the extra mile to include freebies, wrap items with special care or in fun/unique ways. Sometimes the package is just as cool as what's in it.  So, I'm definitely taking notes from other sellers. I've gotten the most yummy smelling candles and soaps of the purest ingredients. I've purchase unique gift items like Beerings - adorable brass rings for men that are also bottle openers!  I just received the most precious tiles (recycled of course) with hilarious sayings on them for your best friend, sister-in-law...I can't wait to give them!
What else...Oh, glasses made from recycled beer bottles and root beer bottles. They're so awesome!
Nothing has disappointed.
And I've been having a blast joining in the BNR and BNS in the Treasury. That's where you look at that treasury of items someone put together, and when you buy 1 of them, the curator replaces that item with 1 of yours from your store. That's Buy and Replace or Buy and Stay. The BNS is in the Forums. That's one where you buy an item from 1 of the listed stores, and then your store is added to the list. It stays on that list as long as you remember to check in & give a "shout out" daily. If you forget & get knocked off the list 1 day, you just buy something again to get back on.
They're a lot of fun, and we all work at promoting those treasuries/forums via twitter, FB, etc. I've really seen my page views go up this week and I've had 5 sales! WooHoo!
Well, gotta go for now...the big Garage Sale is on tomorrow at Mom & Dad's, and I've gotta get busy dragging stuff over there!

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