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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why the Haters?

I just did a social network search for my shop name on the internet & found a blog about "calling out etsy resellers", and imagine my surprise to find my shop listed there!  It had a link to my shop's handbag section, which is completely unfair. Etsy totally allows the sale of vintage items. My handbags are all either vintage or upcycled. So, WTF?!  Are they competitors, and why the hate? It's not like I'm on etsy making millions of sales. I'm listing stuff for fun, as a way to hopefully sell some of the stuff I feel inspired to make anyway. If I find a cool vintage bag at the resale shop or thrift store, and it's cheap enough, Yeah I'll put it in my shop. That's the purpose of the vintage category on etsy. Maybe I'm forgetting to tag the listings properly....I'll have to check that out to be sure.
But, boy, that aggravated me. And of course it was Anonymously posted. Wimpy.

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