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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I think I've only stepped into 1 brick & mortar store this year for Christmas shopping!

I think this is a record for me...I think I've only stepped into 1 actual real-life store this year for Christmas shopping...and that was Kohls. Everything else I've purchased on-line, particularly from Etsy. Talk about so much stress, no lines, no pushy people. The only stressful moment that I've had so far was last night when a package was delivered by UPS, and it looked like the Jolly Green Giant had jumped up & down on it a few times! No wonder the UPS driver practically tossed it & ran before we could make it to the door! I would've had a few choice words for him!  GGRRR....But other than that, no problemo. This is the way to go, peeps.
'Cuz you know what? I think online shopping has really slowed down my usual "One for you, one for me, Two for you, Two for me" shopping that I normally do!  :)
So far so good. I found our 2 middle (Dirty Santa) gifts on Etsy, as well as our 2 White Elephant gifts. They're crazy funny!  Thanks to Ebay, Amazon, Etsy,, and Bestbuy, I'm good to go. Just got a few more things to find & I'm done!
The only store I plan on visiting between now & Christmas is the Liquor store - WooHoo!
But now, it's time to start wrapping, and I'll be doing that with a lot of newspaper & other recycled paper and boxes. Plus the boxes I learned how to make in the video that's posted here on my blog. Make gift boxes out of scrap paper! Yay!

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