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Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Wrap your Gifts the Eco-Conscious Way!


Here's a great article I found on the Gorgeously Green website about eco-friendly gift wrapping options:

Grabbing a few roles of cheap Holiday gift wrap may seem like the convenient thing to do when you’re rushing around, crazed, ticking things off your insanely ambitious to-do list BUT there is a better choice that we can all very easily make’s about wrapping your holiday gifts with a bit of thought about the wrap itself. Really cheap gift wrap is a waste of time and money because it always splits or rips where you don’t want it to, besides paper is paper, and unless it’s recycled, trees have been used to create it. Honestly, it’s so easy to find an alternative, smart and gorgeous way to wrap your gifts this year. Here are my top 6 Gift Wrap Ideas:
I. Recycled Paper: If it’s a really special gift that you want to go overboard on, or if you’re just the kind of girl that likes regular gift wrap, you cannot go wrong with the beautiful holiday wrap from Greenfield Paper Company. I met the owner of this family-run company when I wrote my first book and I was blown away with the quality of their products. Their gift wrap is 100% recycled. They also carry tree-free paper and seed-infused cards. Their Holiday cards are also stunning, and a set of their fine stationary would make a stylish gift.

2. Newspaper: They key is to only wrap small gifts or bottles in newspaper because if you try wrapping a huge box or something that is awkwardly-shaped, you’ll get print all over the shop. I love to wrap bottles of wine of homemade cordial in newspaper and finish with either a red or black satin ribbon tied into a bow.
3. Kid’s Art: My daughter is making all her own wrapping paper this year because she found an old roll of white butcher block paper and decided she’d go crazy decorating it. Not only has this activity kept her mercifully busy and away from the TV, but it’s also yielded some stunning results. Each gift is customized for it’s recipient, with sketches/designs of things that he/she loves! When we ran out of the roll, we went to the deli counter of our grocery store and asked for a few sheet of the white paper that they wrap the cheese and cold cuts in – perfect!
4. Scarf  Wrap: This is one of my personal favorites because I love to pick up inexpensive scarves and see how creative I can get with the tying. This year, I’m giving a family member a silver frame, so I had a look around World Market and found a perfect turquoise and silver scarf in which to wrap it – can’t wait to put it under the tree.
5. Planter: I love the gift to be the wrap – if that makes sense. For example, I suggested that my great friend give everyone in her office a green houseplant last year. She had been freaking out about the air quality in the
building, as she works in NYC, where the windows are permanently sealed. She found some inexpensive and really stunning planters from The Container Store and tied a pretty ribbon around each one. The then found the plants (a different kind for each co-worker. When she got back into the office in January, air-purifying plants surrounded her!
6. Gift Bags: This is a no-brainer and one that my in-laws do every year. The same gift bags are taken out, used and put away for next year. After 5 or so years, some of them are looking a bit frayed around the edges, but who cares – kudos on them for not buying more paper just for the sake of it. When purchasing gift bags, you can earn extra Greenie points and get unique bags by going down the fair-trade route. Alternatively if you’re on a teeny budget this year, the discount stores always carry them in bulk. Just make sure that you tie a label to the handle, which can easily be removed (so bag can be used again). I never write on the label that is supplied – always attach one of my own.

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