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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ok, so I'm addicted to intuitive readings.......what's your point?

RobertRenfield on Etsy:

I requested a 3 card, 3 Question reading & here's what I got - so Cool!

The first question that you have asked is about whether or not you will be able to transfer to another job, and in response to this question you have drawn the
Star, the Knight of Wands, and the Wheel of Fortune.
The Star is the first card that you have drawn in this spread and this is a very good card for you to draw in the context of the question that you have asked, as this is a card of hope wich suggests that whatever you are wishing or hoping for is not outside of the bounds of possibility and is in fact quite likely to come to pass, so this is a strong card of affirmation and confirmation for you with regards to this question.
This is also the case with the Wheel of Fortune in this spread, as this is a card which represents luck being on your side with regards to this matter, and suggests that Fate will lend a helping hand in pushing things along so that you are able to transfer to another job as you have hoped, so this is once again a sign for you that everything should work out for you as you would ideally like.
The final card that I will read for you in this spread is the Knight of Wands, and this is a card which specifically represents job opportunities and invitations and implies that there will be a position suitable for you to transfer into in the future and that you should be successful in making a smooth transition from the job that you are currently in into a better job in the future, so this is once again a very strong and optimistic card for you to draw in relation to your question :)

The next question that you have asked is about when this transfer is likely to come into being for you, and in response to this question I have broken with the three card structure of these readings to ask Spirit for insight into a timeframe spread in which I have asked Spirit to assign one month to each of the cards drawn.
The first card in this spread represents the forthcoming month of January,
and unfortunately this card is the 7 of Pentacles which is a card of delayed reward for you and is letting you know that his transfer is unlikely to eventuate for you in this month, however it will not be a long wait for you before things work out in your favour.
The next card that has been drawn represents the month of February and is the 5 of Cups.
The 5 of Cups is once again a negative indicator for you in the context of the question that you have asked, letting you know once again that there is unlikely to be success for you during this period.
In March you have drawn the Judgement card and this is a positive indicator for you which specifically represents the message of a change in jobs or in career paths and represents positive energies flowing into this situation implying that this change will be a very good one for you - therefore I feel as though it will be in the month of March that this transfer comes to pass for you and that it will be a positive progression for you financially.
I have drawn one more card in this spread to see if there are any further messages for you surrounding this matter in the month of April, and the card that has been drawn is the
10 of Cups, which is a strong card of happiness and wish fulfillment and is letting you know that things should all be in place for you by this point in time and that any transition should be completed and that you should be fully settled into your new job by this point in time, so this is excellent news.

The results of this question negate the need for your final question - however you ar welcome to come back and claim this third question at any time should you ever need further help or guidance in the future - I will write you down on my "banked questions" list and whenever you need to you can drop me a line and I will be glad to help :)
message image message image

So, I was very happy with the results of this reading, his indepth analysis, and the quick response. He responded well within 24 hours, and even then he was very apologetic.

Two of my co-workers got readings from him also, and theirs were amazing!  Robert is a gifted intuitive, and I can't wait to contact him when I think of a good 3rd question.  I thought that was so sweet that he offered to "credit" me the 3rd question.  Very nice man!

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