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Thursday, December 23, 2010

John Cappello: Visionary, Psychic, Medium - This Guy Rocks!

I've been to two gallery readings in Old Town Spring, where John serves as a medium to help people communicate with loved-ones who've passed on.  Both times I've been blown away by the things he communicated to myself and others in the group.  Unlike other mediums I've seen on TV, since it's a smaller group setting, John spends approximately 10-15 minutes with each person either answering questions or passing on information from the other side.

The first time, he came up with stuff about my grandparents that were detailed & that he could not have known. I was careful not to give too much information when answering his questions, and I don't believe I led him.  He knew things about me from them, he talked about my children and pets.  He saw two small dogs (yes!) & knew they had been reacting to something in the house. He said it's my grandfather teasing them, but that they're getting used to him. He knew lights had been flashing on & off in the house. He said that was Papa too, just letting us know he's there. It was hilarious when he stopped and said, "I'm having a hard time hearing. They're both talking at the same time." That was SO Mimi & Papa!  We always joked that you had to have a split personality to converse with the two of them, because they never noticed they were having 2 separate conversations with you at the same time!  John knew my grandmother lived with us for a while & said she really enjoyed that time. I came away truly knowing they are with us always and such a part of our lives.

The next time, I took my mother with me, and we were anxious to see if her mother would come through stronger for her, since they were so close.  It was amazing the things he knew about her parents and step-parents, my father, and my mother's personality. John gave my mother a wonderful gift when she asked him to ask her mother, "Am I doing everything necessary to get to where you are?", and he said, "She wants you to know you're doing More than it takes, and so is your daughter. Your transition will be much easier than mine was." He knew she's very religious/Catholic and prays all the time, that she's the matriarch of the family, and that she keeps everyone in line and tells them how it is."  So true!  I scanned my mom for crosses, religious jewelry - anything that would have tipped him off to her faith, and there was nothing.  She too had been careful not to lead him with too much information.

When he got to me, he knew about my sons' personalities and talents. I asked if anyone had a message for my husband, and he knew both of his parents are on the other side. He talked about my father-in-law and how he immediately accepted me into the family. He knew they passed a short time apart and then freaked me out when he said my husband's mother was ill, and my father-in-law was living for her, so when she passed, his heart gave out. Literally, it did!  Wow. He said my father-in-law just wanted to tell my husband to work hard and be there for his family, and that they want him to know there is no burden in his life he's not strong enough to handle.

We were humbled by the painful experiences others in the group have dealt with in their lives.  John helped members of the group communicate with children who had passed away, a spouse who was murdered, and he talked of the hardships they were coping with.  He knew the ways loved-ones had died, about drug problems, mental problems, where people were from specifically, etc.
The most amazing reading was for a woman behind us. He started out talking to her parents who'd passed on, and it was good, but then he asked if she had any questions, and she asked, "Is there another man here with me?" John asked if it was a love interest, and by mistake she answered "No".  John insisted, "There's a man here with you, a love interest or a spouse. Is he your spouse? Is your husband in spirit?", and she said "Yes."  Every one laughed out loud, and John said, "I'd say that's a love interest! You married him."  And then he went on to ask if he'd been decapitated, if that was how he passed. She said No.  John kept insisting, "I'm seeing something with his head, coming off, it's gone."  She replied, "He was shot in the head."  John knew it wasn't a hunting accident or suicide and said "But it was quick, a surprise."  She replied that he had been killed in a robbery. Wow. He went on to tell her that her husband was sorry for the mess he'd left behind, and that he's on her side. She said there are problems with his family trying to claim things of his, and John told her "He wants you to be strong with them. They were never there for him, so you be strong. What's yours is yours." And she said that was very true. He was right on.
And that was only one of the amazing readings that day!

I can't wait for the next gallery.  It's just so wonderful to have confirmation that our loved ones are still here with us, watching over us, and that we will see them again very soon.
What a gift to be able to communicate with spirits and pass messages on to people here who are hurting and need answers!

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