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Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Favorite Etsy Shop - EmKatCreations is Right On with the Intuitive Readings!!

Kat is an amazing Intuitive who's been reading Tarot for over 10 years.  Normally I'm not into Tarot and prefer Angel cards myself, but I found her shop, EmKatCreations, on Etsy the other day & purchased a 3 card reading for $5.

Wow! Was I amazed by the results! I've been telling everybody & their grandma about it!

All I had to do was send her my first name, astrological sign, hometown & question. My question was very vague: "I have a question about work-related problems."

She sent me a photo of the 3 cards that came up during the reading and a detailed explanation. Here it is,
and she was dead on!  I'm amazed!  Now I think I'm addicted, because I just purchased a 13 card "year ahead" reading for $30 and am on pins and needles waiting for her email!  Go, Kat!  A friend ordered a 5 card "love" reading, and we're holding our breath 'til we get that one too!
  • Before you read any further, all three cards pulled are of the Major Arcana.  To me this indicates that this situation is very important in your life right now.

Card 1: Background: 11 – Justice, reversed

Standard meaning: Bias, false accusations, intolerance, unfairness, abuse

My interpretation: The situation at your workplace has multiple facets.  One of the largest concerns is unfair treatment as well as a superior believing false accusation against you.

Card 2: Problem: 7 – The Chariot, reversed

Standard meaning: Unsuccessful, defeat, failure, last minute loss, vanquishment

My interpretation: Currently you feel as if you’ve run into a brick wall when attempting to have this problem addressed.  This is not an inaccurate statement and you should better trust your instincts.  The person you are approaching or considering approaching will have limited opportunity or desire to assist you.

Card 3: Advice: 13 - Death

Standard meaning: Transformation, making way for the new, unexpected change, loss, failure, illness or death, bad luck

My interpretation: There will be change and it will be sudden and appear as a streak of bad luck.  Take precautions now and you will be better able to meet the challenges ahead of you.  Transformation leads to change and opportunity as surely as death leads to re-birth.

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