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Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to Make a Cute Gift Bag Out of an Envelope!

Decorative masking tape is turning up everywhere, and pretty much anything you stick it on becomes super cute. As our kids head back to school, these easy bags could hold treats for them and their classmates. Little sacks filled with candies would make fun party favors, too. Let's get started!
Supplies you'll need:

• Scissors
• Envelope (I used 4-3/8" x 5-3/4" envelopes, but any size will work.)
Seal the envelope and trim off one of the short sides to make an opening.
Wrap tape around both sides of the envelope. No need to cover the last inch, since it will form the bottom of the bag.

Fold about one inch on each side of the bag toward the middle; then fold the bottom upwards, creasing your folds well. You can vary the width of these flaps depending on the proportion of the bag you want. Flip the bag over and reverse the folds along the same lines for easier shaping in the next step.
Put one hand inside the bag, and with the other, push the bottom fold down. This will leave the bottom corners of the bag standing up. Press each corner into a triangle.

Fold both triangles down and secure them with more tape, covering the bottom of the bag.
And voila!

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